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Minibus Hire Bispham

Travel Eaze is the number one provider for Bispham taxi transfer services in the region. You can depend on us for affordable transport packages to your destination. We run on a 24/7 program to make your travel plans successful.

If you are traveling alone or in a group, Bispham taxi package will serve you right. It has excellent safety and security features to safeguard your property and life. The safety feature include speed governors and seat beats while the security ones include state-of-the-art CCTV and GPS tracking device. More to this, Travel Eaze has contracted highly-trained mechanics to inspect and service our vehicles on a regular basis. Our job is to keep you and your luggage safe when traveling.

There are various means of transport you can employ to get you to your destination; how reliable and effective they are, however, determines whether you will arrive in time or otherwise. Of all the options you have at your disposal, consider hiring our executive taxi for punctual and safe rides next time you plan to travel. This package will make your travel experience unforgettable. You will be thrilled by our top-notch customer care service and professional drivers. Besides this, you will notice that this taxi is new and attractive to look at. Whichever taxi size you decide to settle on, Travel Eaze will provide VIP rides at price unrivalled by none in Bispham.

8-9 Seat Minibus Hire and 10-12 Seat Minibus Hire

Our 8-9 and 10-12 seater makes traveling in groups fun and exciting. They create a soothing travel atmosphere by giving you clean leather seats and state-of-the-art entertainment system to heighten your comfort. And as the seats are adjustable and provide enough leg-room, they give you advantage to change position according to your liking. It is not surprising then that most or our clients arrive relaxed and fresh. Why insist on cramming in a public bus while we are just a call away? Let us help you chose the vehicle that best suits your budget and travel needs. Our premium and standard minibus are waiting on you.

14-16 Seat Minibus Hire and 16-18 Seat Minibus Hire

It is important to mention our 14-16 and 16-18 seater can be booked through our various on/off line platforms from any location in the UK. You can place your order though our mobile app or call the customer help desk for personalized rides. All our minibuses are user-friendly and have even wheelchair accessible doors to ease movement. If your group has an individual with mobility issues, remember to include it on your booking form. Let us save you time and money by giving you the best.

Airport Taxi

Through winter and summer, we provide safe, stylish and affordable transfer services to any airport in the UK. Our airport taxi gives you a timely ride thanks to refined drivers who have exceptional navigation skills. Do not worry if you are in a group or traveling alone, our taxi has sufficient space for you and your luggage. Besides this, personalized services are available at a discounted price. At Travel Eaze we treat you like royalty. Our Bispham transfer services are all-round.

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